Important factors to lookout when sizing a generator:

Selecting the right generator size is crucial for ensuring reliable power supply and efficient operation. Various factors, including environmental conditions, the type of application, and the devices or equipment powered by the generator, play a significant role in determining the appropriate generator size. At Circom Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, we provide comprehensive diesel power generator technical services to customers at no cost, assisting them in making informed decisions. When installing a generator in Sri Lanka, it is important to consider several critical aspects.

Key Factors for Generator Size Selection:

  1. Environmental Conditions:
    • Environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and altitude, can significantly impact generator performance. For instance, high temperatures can affect the cooling system, while high humidity levels can cause condensation and electrical issues. It’s crucial to choose a generator that can withstand and operate efficiently under the specific environmental conditions of the installation site.
  2. Type of Application:
    • The type of application determines the load requirements and the generator’s operational profile. For example, industrial applications may require generators with higher power outputs and continuous operation capabilities, while residential or commercial applications might need smaller, standby generators for backup power. Understanding the specific application helps in selecting a generator that meets the load demands and operational requirements.
  3. Load Requirements:
    • Accurate assessment of the load requirements is essential. This includes identifying all the devices and equipment that will be powered by the generator, their power consumption, and any potential peak loads. It’s important to account for both starting and running wattages, as some equipment may have higher initial power demands. Proper load calculation ensures the generator can handle the total load without overloading or underperforming.
  4. Fuel Type and Availability:
    • Diesel generators are popular due to their efficiency and reliability. However, it’s important to consider the availability and cost of diesel fuel in the area. Ensuring a consistent fuel supply is critical for uninterrupted generator operation. Additionally, factors such as fuel storage and handling should be taken into account.
  5. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Compliance with local regulations and standards is vital for safe and legal generator installation. This includes adherence to environmental regulations, noise level restrictions, and emission standards. Ensuring that the generator meets all regulatory requirements helps avoid potential legal and operational issues.
  6. Maintenance and Serviceability:
    • Regular maintenance is essential for the reliable operation of generators. Choosing a generator with readily available spare parts and service support can simplify maintenance tasks. Additionally, considering the ease of access for maintenance and repairs can contribute to the longevity and efficiency of the generator system.

Free Technical Services by Circom Power Technologies:

At Circom Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, we offer free technical services to assist customers in selecting the right diesel power generator for their needs. Our expert team provides guidance and support in the following areas:

  1. Site Assessment:
    • We conduct thorough site assessments to evaluate environmental conditions, load requirements, and other critical factors. This helps in selecting a generator that is well-suited for the specific site and application.
  2. Load Calculation:
    • Our team assists in accurate load calculation, taking into account all devices and equipment to be powered by the generator. This ensures that the selected generator can handle the total load effectively.
  3. Regulatory Guidance:
    • We provide guidance on regulatory compliance, helping customers navigate local regulations and standards for generator installation. This includes advice on environmental regulations, noise level restrictions, and emission standards.
  4. Maintenance Planning:
    • Our technical services include maintenance planning to ensure the generator operates reliably and efficiently. We offer advice on regular maintenance schedules, spare parts availability, and service support.
  5. Installation Support:
    • We provide comprehensive support for generator installation, ensuring that the process is carried out smoothly and professionally. Our team of qualified technicians oversees the installation, from site preparation to commissioning.


Choosing the right generator size and ensuring proper installation are crucial for reliable and efficient power supply. By considering factors such as environmental conditions, application type, load requirements, and regulatory compliance, customers can make informed decisions. At Circom Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, we offer free technical services to support customers in selecting and installing the ideal diesel power generator for their needs. With our expertise and commitment to quality, you can rely on us for dependable power solutions.

Circom Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd – Your Trusted Partner for Generator Size Selection and Installation in Sri Lanka

The benefits of choosing a correctly sized generator:
A perfect sized generator has following benefits
• You will not face any unwanted system failure
• No capacity overloads which causes shut down
• Increases longevity of a generator
• Ensures best performance and fuel
• Smooth maintenance
• No chance of device damage
• Guarantee of personal safety