Important factors to lookout when sizing a generator:
Generator Size selection relies on various factors, such as the environmental condition, type of application, supplies and devices powered by the generator. So customer should remember all these things when he need to purchase. We provide Diesel power generator technical services to customers at free of cost. When a generator installations in sri lanka it is utmost important to have a idea in following areas as well,

If you want to buy the correct generator size, you need to remember some important points:
• All the equipment connected with generator should be listed down one by one on a piece of paper or spreadsheet.
• Note the starting power and running power required for each device. The running power and starting power can be found in the identification plate or in the manual kit of the equipment. Starting power is the power required to start the device. This is usually higher than the running power because it takes more current to start a motor from stationary into motion because it needs power to build momentum

The benefits of choosing a correctly sized generator:
A perfect sized generator has following benefits
• You will not face any unwanted system failure
• No capacity overloads which causes shut down
• Increases longevity of a generator
• Ensures best performance and fuel
• Smooth maintenance
• No chance of device damage
• Guarantee of personal safety

We undertake from the Generator sizing, supply, transportation, unloading at site, also handle professional installation by qualified technical personnel’s up to the whole process of testing, commissioning handing over  will be supervised  by a company Chartered  Electrical Engineer.