Why most of people select Circom Power Technologies (PVT)Ltd when purchasing a generator?
We have stock of durable brand new generators for sale which is manufactured under best quality by a world reputed brands of Cummins, Perkins engines with Stamford combination. As a Generator dealer company, we recognize necessity need for regular and professional generator service. Whether in continuous use or as backup solutions, regular and proper maintenance averts costly breakdowns and downtime. Wearing down major generator spare parts something that you cannot avoid but you can prevent it from inconveniencing you. The best solution, ensure you have an expert regularly service your generator to prevent breakdown.  A honest supplier will not overcharge customers when selling a generator set.
A generator trading company shall have ;
• Experienced & must have a proper engineering background in the generator supplying    field
• Provide a reliable services
• The Engineers and technicians and are competent
• Their tools and equipment are reliable and safe
• The staffs are helpful
• Price is competitive
• Generators supplying must be most user friendly and not much technically advanced and complicated with high end technology

Therefore if you are looking for a reliable generator supplier, look no further to contact us now and we can supply a suitable generator you need at competitive prices!

Circom Power Technologies (PVT)LTD is leading generator supplier to Maldives while catering to diesel generator market in sri lanka.
We hold CPG sole authorized generator dealership for Maldives to distribute brand new generating sets with cummins engines. As a generator agent in Maldives for CPG brands, we maintain ample stock of cummins spares to cater for Maldivian customer demands. Hence we become top 10 rank generator servicing company in Maldives.
We are professionally trained and equipped to provide uninterrupted Standby power for variety of customers like shopping malls, IT parks, hospitals, banks,public buildings and many more.

We undertake from the Generator supply, transportation, unloading at site, also handle professional installation by qualified technical personnel’s up to the whole process of testing, commissioning handing over  will be supervised  by a company chartered Electrical Engineer