Circom Power technologies usually maintains stocks of fast moving Control spares for every generator set we sold. Also we convert fg wilson power wizard controllers into low coast universal controllers, caterpillar emcp 4 controllers into low coast universal controllers, cummins power command controllers into low coast universal controllers as well.

Also we imports Cummins Onan pcb board 300-4295, Cummins Onan pcb board 300-4296, FG Wilson PCB 650-077, FG Wilson PCB 650-076, FG Wilson PCB 650-056, FG Wilson PCB 650-057, FG Wilson PCB 650-091, FG Wilson PCB 650-092, FG Wilson Engine interface module 917-423, FG Wilson Engine interface module 917-422, FG Wilson Engine interface module 917-530, FG Wilson Engine interface module EIM 630-465, GAC actuator ADC-100, Actuator ADC120, Actuator ADC175, Actuator ADC 225, Speed control unit ESD5111, Speed control unit ESD5500E, GAC speed control unit ESD5500E, GAC speed control unit ESD5221E, speed control unit esd5220, Deep sea controller DSE 4420, Deep sea controller DSE 8610, Deep sea controller DSE 3110, Deep sea controller DSE 6020, Deep sea controller dse 7320, Deep sea controller DSE 7520, Deep sea controller DSE 7510, Deep sea controller DSE 702, Deep sea controller DSE 701, Deep sea controller DSE 501K, Deep sea controller DSE 5510, Deep sea controlelr DSE 5110, Deep sea controller DSE 5120, Deep sea controller DSE 5220, Harsen controller GU315A, Kutai controller GCU-10, Fuel Solenoid OE52318, Cummins actuator, Cummins Speed control 3044196, Cummins Speed control  , Cummins Speed control 3062322, Cummins Speed control 3037359 , Cummins Speed control  3098693, Rotating rectifier MXY50-12, Diode module MXY70-12, Magnetic Pick up sensor 3034572, Cummins Temperature sensor 3015238, Cummins Temperature alarm switch 3408627, Cummins Voltage meter 3015235, Cummins Water temperature meter 3015234,Cummins Oil pressure meter 3015232, Cummins Tachometer 3031734, Caterpillar 110-6466 solenoid, Caterpillar 155-4653 solenoid,  G Wilson 626-153 Water Temperature Gauge 24V, FG Wilson Oil Pressure Sender Switch 622-333, FG Wilson Water Temperature Sender Switch 622-337, ComAp Manual Remote Start Gen-set Controller MRS19, Cummins Onan Power command controls,fg wilson power wizard 1.0, cat emcp4.1, cat emcp4.2B, cat emcp4.4  control panels and their conversions also available at low cost.


When inquiring about a Diesel Industrial generator Control spare part, please keep ready the following information prior to contact us; Do not inquire spare parts below 20KW range generators which operating at 3000RPM.

  1. Generator make(Brand Name)-
  2. Generator Model Number-
  3. Generator Capacity (KVA)-
  4. Name of the required part or clear Photo-
  5. Manufacture’s Part Number (if possible)-

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