Diesel Generator Technology Training course in Sri lanka” is the only institute where conducts generator training to open public and our training programs are internationally focused for Technicians, Operators, Supervisors, Forman’s, to get better know how of Diesel Generator principles. The course has designed from the level of newly recruited staff member to most senior person in the trade who’s being in touch with Generators.

There are two types of training sessions we usually conduct to the convenience of participants.

1) 5-Day course for beginners – Industrial Diesel Generator Technology

2) 2-Day course for users- Industrial Diesel Generator Operation & Maintenance

Two of above are classroom based courses with no practical content except for the use of component identification.

Diesel generator course is Initially be open for those who are in South Asian region specially the countries like India, Pakistan, Maldives, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc.. whose closer to Sri-Lanka.
Currently, above course is available at reasonable rate for those who are not affordable to participate for European training courses. Our special rate covers the course costs, all training materials, lunch and refreshments.
The language media is in simple English and general knowledge of generator operation & Maintenance, generator servicing procedures will be discussed deeply.

Technology used & differences in most popular Generator brands like Caterpillar, Cummins, F.G.Wilson, Denyo , etc.would be taken to explain as examples. The entire course covered with the combination of Mechanical & Electrical fields and valid certificate will be awarded at the course completion.

Generator Training Course Objectives
All courses are intended to provide an overview of the operations and maintenance of a diesel generator.

Who Should Attend
All courses are excellent for employees involved in the operations and maintenance of diesel generators in companies or their groups. Shall have minimum participants of 10. PLEASE DO NOT INQUIRE FOR INDIVIDUAL OR PERSONNEL LEVEL REQUESTS

Must have strong technical background of education.

Course Outcome
At the end of this course you will be able to operate and maintain a diesel generator.
A valid certificate will be awarded by the diesel generator training center.

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