1. A business of a genuine Generator company, shall dedicate to the
industry of Power Generation. They always concentrate to satisfy their
client’s requirement and never get involved same staff to market other
machinery or equipment
2. They shall fully conversant in engineering rather than a formal
salesman in trade
3. It is compulsory to offer OEM’s warranty and certification to their
client’s if a genuine company
4. Always they maintain ample stock of replacement spares covering total
fleet of generators sold
5. Genuine company provides annual maintenance agreement to client at the
time of making a sale
6. They always quote brand new generator sets with full specifications to
7. They must have own workshop and field service staff & Vehicles to
attend after sale services
8. Contact the company Hot line (fake call) at Midnight or after working
hours and get verified whether they answer?
9. Genuine company usually keeps track and record of their client’s
Service & maintenance reports, may ask and check at least 5 years old
such records
10. Also possible to inquire and refer Company Articles