It is highly important to maintain your generator set in healthy running condition during CORONA epidemic situation in around the world. Follow below simple tips to maintain your generator set without a trouble.

  1. Check Coolant/Lube oil/Fuel in required levels
  2. Generator set shall start for 10 minutes daily at NO-LOAD condition
  3. Must check battery trickle charger in operating level
  4. Check level on battery electrolytic (if not maintenance free type)
  5. Check for unusual fuel/coolant/oil leaks around the generator
  6. Check & avoid any threats to damage wires by Rats
  7. Check Fan drive belts in good in order and its tension
  8. Check for any unusual noises when running
  9. Check & verify Changeover switch by ON LOAD TEST
  10. Check hot air discharge in front of radiator is in proper